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Touching Ink #2
Touching Ink #2
Touching Ink #2

Touching Ink #2


13 x 18 cm (5x7")
21 x 30 cm (8x12")
30 x 40 cm (12x16")
40 x 50 cm (16x20")
50 x 70 cm (20x28")
70 x 100 cm (28x39")

Original design and photography is one of the most important values for Nourom. Our work is created and printed in-house and cannot be found anywhere else. 

the prints are made on high quality 180g matte coated paper with a 6-ink system, to bring out more vibrant colors than regular for regular posters. The giclee printing method is the higest resolution printing, usually reserved for galleries. 

Frames are not included

All designs and photography on this website is protected and reserved for ©Nourom